It doesn’t seem possible that we have arrived at Thanksgiving 2013 already but it’s here.  Because of that this will be the last blog of the week.  We will get you ready for a busy weekend of sports action as well as get caught up on what’s happened thus far this week.  Before we get to that though I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  I know many of you will be traveling over the long holiday weekend so please be safe while you are out on the busy roadways this weekend. 

The Kirksville High School boys basketball team are 1 and 1 thus far in the young season as they lost the season opener on Monday night to a very tough Rockbridge team before coming back last night to beat the Knox County Eagles in a very close and well played game.  The Tigers play Hannibal tonight at 7:30 in Hannibal and are then off until December 10when they go back to Hannibal to play them again.  Did Hannibal adopt us or why do we keep going over there?  The Tigers have already played two games in Hannibal, have one tonight and one on December 10.  I’ve been to Hannibal before, the gym over there is nice but it’s not that nice.  We have more games there this year than we do here. 

The KHS girls basketball team opens their season on Monday night at the Marshall Shootout. 

The Truman State women’s basketball team defeated Hannibal La Grange college last night by a wide margin to run their record to 5 and 1.  The Bulldogs next see action on December 4 at home against Grandview Iowa. 

The Truman State men’s basketball team will be participating this weekend in the Drury tournament in Springfield.  Of course Drury is the defending NCAA Division II champions however the tournament is set up in such a way that Truman and Drury will not play this weekend.  The Bulldogs will play a team from Oklahoma on Friday afternoon and Northwest Missouri State on Saturday afternoon. 

The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team are still undefeated but are a loss waiting to happen in my opinion.  The Tigers managed to beat IUPUI on Monday night but didn’t look very good doing it.  They did manage to win the five games that Frank Haith was suspended for because he made the NCAA mad so hopefully having him back on the sidelines will help them play better.  They may need all the help they can get tomorrow night as they are in Las Vegas to play Northwestern who are certainly not the best team in the Big Ten but are a huge step up over the quality of opponent Mizzou has been struggling to beat.  The Tigers play Nevada on Friday before leaving Las Vegas. 

Of course most Mizzou fans are not paying much attention to the basketball team yet and are focused on Saturday night’s huge game against Texas AandM.  When the schedule was first announced this looked like an easy game for Texas AandM but it is anything but that.  In fact I will be very disappointed if the Tigers do not win at home on Saturday night.  Texas AandM has a one trick pony offense and no defense to speak of.  If the Tigers can contain “Johnny Football” then they will have no problem winning the game in my opinion.  Containing him seemed to be nearly impossible at the start of the season but LSU certainly had no problem doing it and some of the luster has fallen off this young man after his off the field escapades and his on the field play.  The Tigers defense has played extraordinarily well the last few weeks following their meltdown against South Carolina and I see no reason why they won’t have another good game on Saturday night thus propelling Mizzou into the SEC title game which is something I never thought would happen this year. 

The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos game on Sunday is certainly an intriguing one.  Of course they played two weeks ago in Denver with the Broncos coming away with a 27 to 17 victory.  Both teams then suffered heartbreaking losses last week against teams they should have beaten in my opinion.  The Chiefs defense took a major beating in their loss to the San Diego Chargers last Sunday and are now without two of their key components heading into this week’s game at Arrowhead.  The Broncos defense which wasn’t all that good to begin with is also battered after allowing the New England Patriots to come back from a 24 point deficit.  Of course the failure of the Broncos offense to hang onto the ball in the second half of that game didn’t do the defense any favors so all the blame can’t be put on the defense.  Both teams are eager to show they have recovered from last Sunday’s losses and I for one think that Sunday’s game is even more intriguing than the their first meeting two weeks ago.  I have no idea what to expect out of this game.  I stated in an earlier blog that I thought the Chiefs and Broncos would split their two games with each team winning on its home field but I just don’t know now.  The Chiefs look very vulnerable right now but the Broncos didn’t look so good in their last game either.  It should be a very intriguing game. 

The St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers have their second meeting of the year and this is an intriguing game as well.  The Rams lost the first meeting of the year several weeks ago in St. Louis in a defensive struggle when neither team was playing very well but now both teams are playing much better with the Rams having found their offensive rhythm and the 49ers playing consistently well.  The Rams are still a mystery to me and the game is at Candlestick so the edge would appear to go to the 49ers but the Rams have played so well lately that you just never know.  Unfortunately it’s on at the same time as the Chiefs game so there may not be all that many people paying attention to it. 

We will be back on Monday with a look back at this busy weekend of sports and a look ahead to next week.  Thanks as always for checking out this and all the other blogs on this Web site and please follow me on Twitter at KDEBlog.

Happy Thanksgiving!