This National Weather Service states that Pulaski County could see anywhere from 1-6 inches, depending on what part of the county you are in. It looks like St. Robert and Waynesville has seen about 3 inches of snow so far.

Local listing of cancellations in the area:

The PCRMC Waynesville groundbreaking for Friday will be POSTPONED.All area schools cancelled for Friday including Waynesville, Dixon, Laquey, and CrockerThe Laquey Christmas Parade for Saturday was cancelled
There will be no Saturday School at Waynesville Middle School on Saturday, Dec. 7, due to the inclement weather. The day will be rescheduled for those students who were expected to attend.

CANCELLATION: All Family & MWR, Fort Leonard Wood Youth Service sports activities are cancelled for Saturday, Dec. 7, due to weather conditions.