Well, this blog just became considerably shorter than it was originally going to be.  The first half of the blog was about the Tiger Wrestling Classic which was set to take place this weekend and what a great tournament it is.  It’s still a great tournament but it isn’t taking place this weekend.  Just as I finished writing everything up the decision was made to cancel the tournament due to impending bad weather.  That is very unfortunate as this tournament has established itself as one of the premier tournaments of the year and a great opportunity for some of the top wrestling teams in this region to get together.  It’s also an opportunity for the Kirksville High School wrestling team to be able to participate in a high quality tournament without having to travel a great distance to do it.  However, it is better to err on the side of caution and I can totally understand why the tournament was canceled. 

Speaking of the KHS wrestling team, they are off to another fabulous start as they have some impressive team victories and some outstanding individual performances under their belts already this season.  Coach Kevin Powell has done an incredible job with these young men and I have no doubt that many of them will go on to the state tournament in February and I fully expect us to have several state champions once again.  I would urge everyone who reads this blog to take advantage of the opportunities you have to get out and see this amazing group of athletes over the next couple of months.

Both KHS basketball teams have had a busy week and both the boys and girls teams had impressive victories over Moberly on Wednesday night.  Both teams also had tough losses to Hannibal earlier this week as well.  The boys team has looked very impressive so far this year against good competition while the girls team is doing quite well for a team made up of five new starters and coming off a year in which most of their top players graduated.  Both teams have the weekend off before another busy week next week leading into the Christmas break. 

The KHS basketball teams are not the only teams with a weekend off and both Truman State basketball teams have the weekend off as well.  In fact, it’s a very quiet weekend around here. 

The Missouri Tigers men’s basketball team is in action this weekend as they play Western Michigan Sunday evening at6:00 at Mizzou Arena.  I have no idea why they are playing at 6:00 on a Sunday evening, I don’t think they have ever done that before.  It seems like a strange time to play an insignificant non conference game but they don’t consult me before making out the schedule. 

The Kansas City Chiefs will try to win their second game in a row on Sunday as they travel to Oakland to play the Raiders.  The Raiders have not played particularly well this year but they seem to always find a way to make their games with the Chiefs interesting.  This game takes on even greater meaning for the Chiefs after the Broncos lost last night thus making for a bunch of interesting scenarios in the AFC West. 

While the Chiefs are in Oakland battling the Raiders the St. Louis Rams will be at home most likely losing to the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints come in with a 10 and 3 record while the Rams are 5 and 8 and coming off two disappointing losses.  The game is in St. Louis which is about the only advantage the Rams have in my opinion.  I fear that Sunday will be a long day in the Edward Jones Dome. 

The St. Louis Blues are off to a pretty good start as they will go into Saturday night’s game with a record of 21  and 6 with 3 ties.  They are a very good offensive team most of the time and are playing reasonably well on defense as well.  They are a fun team to watch. 

We’ll be back on Monday with a review of this weekend’s sports action and a look ahead to next week.  Thanks as always for checking us out and please take the time to read all the other excellent blogs on this site.  Please follow me on Twitter at KDEBlog.

Have a great weekend!