Thoughts on rewarding loyalty....

Anyone who knows me,  knows I like dogs. (Actually I like all creatures). The news today illustrates why. 

In NYC a man passed out and fell onto the subway tracks.  The man is blind and uses an eleven year old black lab as a guide dog.  The dog immediately jumped on top of the man and held him down as the train passed over the two of them.  Both the dog and the man survived.

The dog has reached the age when he soon will no longer be able to work;  the man can not keep him as a companion/pet as he cannot afford to feed and care for him.  Surely that dog and man deserve to live out their lives securely together.

I see a parallel here.  Some Congress Critters want to cut Social Security Benefits to people who worked all of their lives and who paid into the system.  How do these “representatives” who are paid $174,000 a year plus benefits look at themselves in the mirror in the morning?

On four occasions a dog has protected me---once from a cow, once from a fierce dog, and twice from a man,  

Andy Rooney once said, “Most dogs are nicer than most people.”   I do not know about Most People, but it seems most dogs are braver and kinder than most Tea Party Republicans, and certainly braver, kinder, and wiser than bloviating Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan,  Darrel Issa, and other elected “officials” whose salaries, health care, and retirements we pay.  But, they seem to feel no loyalty nor compassion for the worker of the US.

I have faith that someone in NYC will start a fund, or be generous enough to keep the man and dog together.  At age 11, a lab does not have that many years left.  If I learn of a place to donate for kibbles and care, most certainly will contribute, and I will pass on the information.  Good loyal workers, human or dog, deserve security in retirement.

 P.S. A kindly donor has come forth to supply money for the care of the heroic dog, until the end of the dog's life.  The owner says any excess money will be given to a charity that supplies guide dogs for othe blind.