A greeting with a reason to look forward to the New Year.


I’m not one for making lists of resolutions that I will undoubtedly forget before Easter arrives.  One might think that announcing various goals to family and friends would be a good incentive to honor such declarations, but my experience has been that it makes little difference in the long run. 

We tend to think of the end of the year as some great hallmark, and various television shows make whole programs out of reviewing the year just passed.  Basically, this is just a regurgitation of information that has filled the nightly slot of daily occurrences provided by such shows.   Then we take a forward look at what the New Year will bring.  In truth, we have little real idea about what might or might not happen.  I like to just rejoice that I have survived another year dodging so many pitfalls that can so easily derail our intended course.  We look back and are amazed at how quickly twelve months have sped by and begin to fret about the long winter and what seems to be an interminable wait for spring.

There will be new opportunities, renewed hopes and, unfortunately, new difficulties to face.  Most of us are truly blessed with the lives we live, but we worry a lot about the “what if’s.”   We just don’t know how we’ll handle things, but we seem to manage.  And if one has any doubts of getting through whatever difficulties befall them, one only need look around to find someone with a worse situation or a more difficult set of decisions to make.

I guess the most important thing is to hold on to the thought that a bit of optimism can be ever so helpful.  The comedian’s line is “They told me smile, things could be worse, so I smiled and things got worse.”

We just have to look forward with the expectation that we are equipped to handle whatever comes our way.  We need to focus on the fact that most of us are pretty lucky in life, and when things go wrong, there are always people willing to help.  It’s important to remember that receiving help can be just as difficult as giving help. 

I’ll just say that I wish everyone a great New Year.  I wish everyone the good fortune to have a life that is as close to problem free as possible.  If there are difficulties, I wish everyone, including myself, the strength to face those difficulties head on and make the decisions that will alleviate the problem as much as possible.

Most of all, I wish us all another year we can enjoy with our loved ones.  Children model this best.  They seem to find a way to smile even when their lives are in total turmoil.  Maybe they don’t realize the severity of their problems, but I believe they do.  They just don’t allow themselves to turn anything into their own personal destruction.