The new Sports Editor for the Waynesville Daily Guide introduces himself.

When I left for Clinton, Okla. last year I knew it was only temporary.
Sure, I liked where I worked and enjoyed covering sports down there and seeing a whole new state's perspective on things, but it never felt like home.
This does.
I grew up in Buffalo and my childhood home is just over an hour from here.
The town I played football in, Fair Grove, is just a stone's throw from that.
Some may still remember the 13-1 Eagles from 2009. That was my senior year and I was holding down the left tackle position on the offensive line.
All of my closest friends are now within an easy driving distance from my new apartment.
Anyway, it's refreshing to be back in my home state and I'm eager to get to work on covering Waynesville area sports.
Once all the snow and ice melts, that is.
I've been in and around the sports journalism field since I started my Broadcast Journalism degree at Missouri State University back in 2005.
I've met some of the most interesting people face-to-face throughout the years- from the former St. Louis Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa to boxing promoter Don King- and yet the conversations I remember most vividly aren't the ones I had with them.
OK, the discussion Don King and I had is burned pretty deep into my brain. In case you don't know, King is an eccentric human being to say the least.
That being said, it's the “everyday people” I talk to who always seem to have the most striking things to say.
Everybody has a story. That's what I've learned.
So here's my promise to the readers of the Waynesville Daily Guide: I will do my best to hunt down the stories waiting to be told in our area.