In Waynesville's conference opener Thursday night at home, the Lady Tigers sent West Plains to the charity stripe six times before the first quarter was up.

It's a tough hill to climb when the opposing team is shooting 12 free throws in a quarter.

In Waynesville's conference opener Thursday night at home, the Lady Tigers sent West Plains to the charity stripe six times before the first quarter was up.

The Lady Zizzers were 11-12 on those free throws and were able to build a substantial 26-16 lead with them early.

After the second quarter began, the whistles weren't blowing as much, but Waynesville still had no luck catching up to West Plains and the halftime score was 40-27.

In the second half, when the Lady Zizzers weren't shooting free throws they were draining threes.

Total, West Plains had eight 3-pointers, but five of those came in the second half.

West Plains' Kelsey Collins had seven 3-pointers by herself Thursday night.

Waynesville's Head Coach, Brittany Matlock, said it was obvious her defense did a terrible job.

“We didn't find (Collins) on the perimeter like we were supposed to,” Matlock said. “They did a good job of attacking the basket and our help side didn't respond tonight so we're going to have to work on that.”

Just when things looked like they couldn't get any more aggravating, they did.

In the third quarter when the referees continued to call fouls on the Lady Tigers, the Waynesville coaches were asking for explanations (albeit not in an “inside voice”). The referee in question told Matlock she should “have more class” when she spoke to him. When Matlock turned and asked her coaches if he actually was asking her that question, the referee blew the play dead and called a technical foul on the Waynesville bench.

The Daily Guide asked the referee what it was that he heard and he responded that he heard the Waynesville bench say he had awful sight.

When all was said and done in the second half, the Lady Tigers matched their foul total from the first half with nine total fouls, giving them 18 on the night.

Matlock and her team took full responsibility for the foul total.

“We didn't do a good job of adjusting,” Matlock said. “We say to each other that there's no excuses. So if the refs are calling it tight we have to adjust better. We didn't do that, we let it get to us, and it showed.”

West Plains was 20-26 on free throws in a 68-45 win over Waynesville. The Lady Tigers were 12-17 from the line.

Sophomore Kallie Bildner led the team in points with 22. Senior Hannah Bland, junior Camia Blash and freshman Bree Stoddard all had six points and freshman Nina Kizzee had five points.

Coach Matlock said Bildner played well, but she needed reinforcements.

“We have to have other people step up and they're capable of doing that,” Matlock said. “A lot of times tonight we didn't move well on defense and it translated over on offense. We just stood around on the perimeter and didn't pass the ball quickly and go in and out. We just passed it in and watch. That's nothing we can't fix, but we would've liked to have done a better job tonight.”

The coach continued on to say her team needs to get ready to have all-out wars like this game in the future conference matches.

“In any conference you want to get it started off right, but for us, all my underclassmen and everything, I guess it was nice welcome to the Ozark Conference. They've got to be ready and know what to expect because it's going to be physical like (it was tonight) every night.”