Since Valentine’s Day is today, the Daily Guide decided to reach out to area couples via Facebook.
We invited our readers to share their own love stories.

Since Valentine’s Day is today, the Daily Guide decided to reach out to area couples via Facebook.
We invited our readers to share their own love stories.
This reader callout had a great response, with several people excitedly sharing their stories about how they were struck with Cupid’s arrows.
We've compiled their stories in the following article.
Here’s some of our reader-submitted love stories:

Martin & Sara Salgado
Sara: “Martin and I met at El Jimador. He is the manager there.
I used to order a lot of to-go orders so I could see him. He was always sweet and charming like he still is.
He was a true gentleman who pursued after me with a loving heart. A year after dating, he proposed to me at El Jimador with my family there, and all the guys came over and sang.
We'll be married two years this June. Every couple has a love story, but ours is my favorite!”

Richard & Rebecca Clark
Rebecca: “My husband and I met online. After just three months of dating, we got engaged on Valentine's Day, 2007.
We were married just three months later! We've been together seven years and have been blessed with two beautiful babies.”

Paul & Luge Hardman
Luge: “Paul dated my roommate, and when he had country music tickets, she didn't want to go. I volunteered. We saw Narvel Felts at the old Teepee Lounge and the rest is history. This year will be our 40th anniversary.”

Daniel & Margaret De Vido
Margaret: “My husband and I actually met in Nevada, Mo., in February 1991.
We moved to Waynesville, where he had a place on VWF (now Superior Rd.)
On May 11, 1993, we decided to go for a drive. Danny pulls into the lot of what was Havin Concrete Co. We got out of the car, and I sat on the hood, admitting the beautiful sunset. Then, Danny stood in front of me and asked me to marry him.
My response was ‘Are you kidding me?’
I thought he was.
We were married May 14, 1994. Every time I go down Superior Rd, that moment comes back to me, as if it were yesterday.”

Paul & Fawn Felty
Fawn: “Me and my husband met at the river down Y Highway, down at what I think is called Riddle Bridge.
I was there with my two kids, swimming and enjoying the sunshine. Then, all of a sudden, this big truck pulls up and out comes a cowboy with a black cowboy hat on, so I walked up to get a closer look.
Pretending to be going to the bathroom, I walked by him, checking him out, and said hello.
Then, my daughter then being only 11 says ‘Mom, leave this guy alone,” and I went back to swim.
Then, I waited a little longer, then got back out of the water and walked by him again and asked if he was going to go swimming.
I went to my car, which was like two cars away from where he was but close enough to where I could still see him. I started blowing up my inner tubes, which I knew had holes in them, but was trying to get his attention. Once again, my daughter says ‘Mom, why are you blowing them up when they have holes in them?’
Wow, I was caught again. Smart little girl I have.
Then, he came to swim, and we talked and then exchanged numbers when we left. We met up later and started to date after that. We then got engaged in Idaho, and he proposed in the hot springs under the full moon. By this time, we had only been dating for three months, and I went to see him in Hawaii where he was working, and we got married.
We will have been married nine years Oct. 10, 2014, and we have two beautiful baby boys together over the past eight years, and he claims my other two as his as well, and they know him as their dad.
The funny thing is that day I didn't think I was going to meet my husband at the river, but I did!
I love you so much, Paul Felty. You’re the best husband and father a woman can ask for.”