After a brief period of uncertainty, The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri was in Rolla on Tuesday to distribute approximately 12,000 pounds of food.
The food distribution for Phelps County residents will continue the first Tuesday of every month at its new location – Greentree Christian Church, located at 800 Greentree Road, near 10th Street/Highway BB.
Hours of the food distribution will be from 3 to 6 p.m.
Last week, The Food Bank canceled the March 4 event unexpectedly. However, officials from The Food Bank on Friday announced that the event would be held at the church instead of the Ber Juan Park Sportplex on 18th Street.
One official from The Food Bank blamed the cancellation on a "logistical error."
"We needed to find a long-term location," said Michelle Bayer, regional coordinator The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri. "Pastor Cook at Greentree was very generous to volunteer the use of his parking lot."
Bayer said The Food Bank will supply roughly 12,000 pounds of food to Rolla for the monthly distribution.  
Recipients need to provide identification for proof of residency, such as a current driver's license or a bill with a current address in order to receive food. People in need are asked to bring their own bags and boxes for the food.
The mobile food pantry will distribute food at these monthly events without charge to Phelps County residents who need it.
Bayer said The Food Bank will work with those without identification.
"We don't turn people away," Bayer said. "It's our mission to help the hungry, so we would feed them. If they show up, they would still get food."
Local organization involved with the program include the St. James Caring Center, the Community Partnership, and The Salvation Army.
To reach the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, call 573-474-1020 or toll-free 1-800-764-3663.