This week’s article will be shorter than most, which some might think is a good thing (ha). Your Sheriff has been working night and day lately so this Sunday evening is going to truly be one to rest.
Over the past two days, many of your Pulaski County Deputies have been busy working on the Child Kidnapping case. Few can really understand the amount of man-hours and intense work that a criminal case like a child abduction entails. If you are unfamiliar with this case, it is posted on the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Website and Facebook page, in addition to local media outlets.
I try to do this as much as possible without sounding like I am bragging, but once again I must commend your Pulaski County Deputies for a job well done. From the initial report Friday afternoon until the time the child was located in Ohio and the suspect arrested, only 36 hours passed. This involved detectives and road deputies working around the clock, involving themselves in numerous facets of the case that I don’t have the room or time to completely describe in this article. Phones calls, research, use of modern and old fashioned police techniques, along with coordinating with other Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies were just a few of these tasks.
This particular investigation also involved numerous legal issues, so the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office played a vital role to the assigned law enforcement officials, along with helping expedite the arrest warrant. So, my thanks to all who did such a professional and efficient job in locating and returning the abducted child to his family, along with the arrest of the suspect.
With warm weather approaching and the roads being travel-friendly, the Town Hall meetings that we hosted last year will once again resume. In a few weeks, the date, time and location of the first meeting will be announced, and they will continue monthly throughout different locations in Pulaski County. So begin preparing your questions and comments, and you are more than welcome to attend one or all!
I must apologize to the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Rolla Police Department, regarding last week’s article where I was discussing the three barricaded suspect incidents that we worked in a five hour time period. Both of the above agencies assisted in two of these incidents and the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department even initiated one, but your Sheriff here left them out of the article. My apologies and words of appreciation go out to each agency.
Regarding the jail renovation project, we are now in week two and hopefully the construction will be completed before the end of March.
This concludes another week’s summary as your Pulaski County sheriff, and I hope to see you here again next week. For more information about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and other related items of interest, please visit our website at (, or on Facebook.
As always, stay safe and do something positive for your community.