Waynesville loses 9-6 to Marshfield in the ninth inning due to some costly errors

After a back-and-forth tug of war with Marshfield, the Waynesville Tigers lost in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game 9-6.

What Waynesville coach Scott Turner thought would be one of the strong suits of the team is turning out to be it's weakness: defense.

In the top of the ninth, a couple of costly errors allowed the soon-to-be winning three runs to score.

“Right now our defense is our weak link,” Turner said. “We need to get better at making the routine plays.”

In fact, of the nine Marshfield runs that scored on Tuesday, only three of them were earned by the Waynesville pitchers.

There were still positives to take from the game though, as Turner pointed out.

“We continue to do well at the plate even against quality pitching.”

Trent Simpson drove in two runs on one hit in four at-bats and had a walk on another plate appearance while his brother Trey had two hits, a RBI, a run, a walk and was hit by a pitch as well on five plate appearances.

Derek Wood had a multi-hit night as well with two of his own, adding two runs too.

The Tigers' next games will be on Saturday at Hickman where they will take on the Kewpies and ninth ranked Vianney.