Following their 25-win season, State Representative Steve Lynch presented the team with a House Resolution

WAYNESVILLE — The Lady Tigers volleyball team and their 25-win season has now been recognized in the Missouri House of Representatives due to a Resolution presented by State Representative Steve Lynch.

Lynch presented the Resolution to the team on March 7.

He said after the team continued to stack up wins this season he felt compelled to do something to recognize them.

“Their record wasn't something that they brought to my attention, I knew about it,” Lynch said. “[Volleyball doesn't] get the attention football or basketball does, so I didn't want to let it pass without them getting attention they deserve.”

Lynch said Resolutions honoring successful sports programs are common occurrence in the House of Representatives, but he likes to be more selective in those he honors instead of handing them out like candy.

“I reserve them for organizations and groups that have accomplished something outstanding,” Lynch said. “So to hear that they had enough victories that set a record, I wanted to draw it to the areas' attention.”