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  • Ft. Hood gunman recently trained at Ft. Leonard Wood

  • The gunman who killed three soldiers before killing himself on Fort Hood had recently trained at Fort Leonard Wood.
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  • By Mandy Matney
    The gunman who killed three soldiers before killing himself on Fort Hood had recently trained at Fort Leonard Wood.
    The U.S. Army News Service reports the alleged shooter, 34-year old Ivan Antonio Lopez, joined the Army in June 2008, as an infantryman. He deployed to Iraq in 2011, according to the Army, and his records do not indicate any wounds, injuries or direct involvement with combat.
    According to the Washington Post, after he returned home from Iraq, Lopez was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. He was then sent to Fort Leonard Wood to train to be a truck driver. He transferred from being in the infantry to truck driving because of a painful foot condition.
    In February, Lopez transferred to Fort Hood where he lived off post with his wife, according to the Army News Service report. They are both native to Puerto Rico.
    Secretary of the Army John McHugh said in the report that Lopez's service record is “clean in terms of major misbehaviors.”
    Last month, he was seen by a psychiatrist, according to the Army report. McHugh said that there was no indication or sign of likely violence to himself or others and no suicidal intention.
    The gunman killed three soldiers and wounded 16 when he opened fire in the 1st Medical Brigade area of Fort Hood at 4 p.m. Wednesday.
    The U.S. Army News Service said Thursday that three soldiers were injured critically, but the others are in stable condition.
    McHugh said that the gunman then killed himself when confronted by a female military policeman.
    "Any time the Army loses a soldier, we all mourn,” McHugh said. “When that loss comes at the hands of another soldier ... it just adds to the sorrow and the all-consuming sense of loss the Army is feeling this day," McHugh said in a press conference.
    In 2009, the Fort Hood community experienced the deadliest assault on a military base in U.S. history, according to the Associated Press. An Army officer opened fire on base, killing 13 and wounding more than 30 people.
    The Washington Post, the Associated Press and the Army News Service contributed to this report.
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