Waynesville tennis had a tough time with the more-experienced Rolla on Friday as they lost 7-2

WAYNESVILLE — In tennis, experience is a very important attribute and on Friday in Waynesville the team with more years on the court won.

The Waynesville Tigers lost 7-2 to Rolla on Friday and, expectedly, there were some grim faces at the courts in Waynesville.

There was some good tennis to be seen though.

Robert Osborn took a match from Rolla's Nathaniel Graham 8-3 and Waynesville Kayla Wilson said there appeared to be no way Graham was going to outplay him.

“Robert is a very consistent player,” Wilson said. “Although Graham tried to run him out of position, Robert played well on the defensive side and allowed Graham to make the most mistakes.”

Wilson said Osborn's “violent serve” caused Graham problems all day as Osborn had five aces.

Two other matches that could've easily gone Waynesville's way was Kyle Roberts' match versus Jarod Rieth and John Parker's match against Priyank Madria.

Roberts lost his match 8-6 despite holding the lead for the majority of the match and hit deuce multiple times. Rieth just edged Parker toward the end.

Parker likewise had a close match, losing 8-5.

In doubles Osborn teamed up with Hunter Sadler to defeat Aidan Gelles and Parker Nesbitt 8-4.

The Tigers lost their other two doubles matches 8-2.

Waynesville will host Camdenton on Thursday at 4:00 p.m.