Skidmore will major in dental hygiene at State Fair Community College

LAQUEY — The Frisco League's girls basketball Most Valuable Player has found a new place to call her home once she graduates from Laquey High School.

Maura Skidmore has signed to State Fair Community College in hopes of playing there for a couple of years, improving her game and possibly moving on to a four-year college.

Skidmore's coach at Laquey, Dustin Matlock, said he was surprised more four-year colleges didn't show more interest in his guard who averaged 32 points per game, 5.5 steals per game and shot 59 percent from the floor.

“I definitely think she's a four-year college player,” Matlock said. “I think (State Fair) is definitely getting a steal.”

Skidmore is happy with her decision though, and knows she can always move one when she feels ready.

“It seems like a good place to be and coach [Kevin Bucher] is a good coach,” Skidmore said. “It's a junior college so I can get some experience, and if I wanted to, go play somewhere else.”

It'll be a learning curve, as it is for all players as talented as Skidmore, for the guard who is used to being the focal point of attack.

“She'll be in a different role than the one she had here,” Matlock said. “She was pretty much a one-man show here.”

That's a good thing though. It will help Skidmore round out her game and make her a better player.

“It'll help her in her passing,” Matlock said. “She's going to have to learn to be more of a distributor than just a scoring point guard. I know she can do it. She learned some of that under me here at Laquey.”

Skidmore says she's excited about the opportunity and is ready to hit the court for the Roadrunners in Sedalia as well as hit the books and learn more about her new field of study — dental hygiene.

“It feels really good (to finally sign), I'm excited about it,” Skidmore said. “[Dental hygiene] is something I've always wanted to do. And I'm helping people.”

She's going to miss her hometown of Laquey though.

“Just being able to play at home in front of everyone I know,” she said.

Matlock said he is going to miss his star player, on and off the court, but seeing his players sign is a cherished moment of his.

“It's always a proud moment for a coach,” Matlock said. “You get to send someone to college and continue their career at a higher level.”