Waynesville smacks 11 hits while sophomore pitcher Trey Simpson goes a complete game for the win

WAYNESVILLE — Running between the foul poles at the park in Waynesville after a baseball game to eliminate lactic acid build up is a menial task, but the Tiger pitchers do it knowing the benefits.

Sophomore Trey Simpson didn't mind the extra running at all Thursday after beating Ozark Conference rival Camdenton 10-3 on Thursday.

“I just really enjoy beating the snot out of them,” Simpson said, still smiling. “I really do.”

The sophomore hurler pitched all seven innings for Waynesville (4-6, 1-0 in the Conference), giving up three runs (two earned) on five hits and three walks while striking out four. He needed just 85 pitches to get through it all.

“It's good on my arm,” Simpson said while winding his arm. “It helps me keep playing more games, keeps my arm fresh.”

Waynesville coach Scott Turner was ecstatic about how efficiently the top of the innings went for his club, keeping Simpson's pitch-count low.

“That's getting ahead in counts, making most of the routine plays,” Turner said. “We had a couple of mistakes, but you're not going to be perfect in a game.”

Camdenton's coach, Matt Moulder, understands perfection is unattainable. What he could not get is how his team could have two errors, allow a run on a passed ball and let two runners advance a base after getting caught in a rundown following a pick-off attempt.

“That's something we worked on for an hour in practice Wednesday and we still didn't execute it right in the game,” Moulder said, still shaking his head.

The Lakers held a 2-0 lead in the second after senior Jordan Webster smashed a RBI double and junior Bryan Hoffman replaced him on a similar hit.

In the bottom of the second though, Waynesville senior Joseph Murray was caught in a rundown between second and third, but his feet-first slide got him underneath the tag. He then scored on a passed ball.

“We gave them free stuff,” Moulder said. “We walked guys, committed errors, we didn't do the little things well that we have to do to win.

“We're not good enough to just go out and bash people. We have to execute, have to do the little things right to win. We flat out didn't do that today, we got what we deserved.”

Senior Jaylen Bragg tied the game in the same half-inning when he scored on a fielder's choice.

It looked as if senior Tyler Cunningham was going to get the Lakers back on track when he drove in a run on a triple into left field in the top of the third, but Ryan Pendleton took back the lead for Waynesville in his next at-bat.

The sophomore gave his team their one-run lead back on a big two-run double to center. After advancing to third on the next hit, he got caught in a rundown between third base and home.

If it was raining on the Lakers' parade, it started pouring after Pendleton scored at home when a Camdenton player dropped the ball during the play at the plate.

Senior Shane Jewett hit an RBI single to center next to give Waynesville a 6-3 lead.

The lead kept building for Waynesville as the game continued while Simpson kept sending Laker batters back to the dugout.

Murray, Bragg, Trey and his brother Trent all had RBI singles on the way to the finish to give them their 10-3 win.

It was a beautiful sight to see for Turner.

“After getting just one hit Wednesday it was awesome to come back and get 11,” Turner said. “Spraying the ball around, not just pulling the ball, but taking the ball the other way. It's good to see how we were locked in.”