Dixon keeps its tournament trophy at home after beating Owensville 5-1 on Saturday

DIXON — Owensville was no challenge for the Dixon Lady Bulldogs on Saturday at the Dixon Soccer Tournament's championship game.

Senior Mattie Whitaker was too much for the Lady Dutchmen (or Dutch Girls, as they were calling themselves), scoring four goals in the frenzy.

Her first goal was from just outside the box, scraping off the goalkeepers' hands with 26:30 left in the first half.

It was obvious from the get-go Owensville was going to have troubles keeping up with Dixon as the Dutchmen were too hesitant and unsure with the ball sometimes.

“I watched Owensville in their other games of the tournament,” Dixon coach Ron Bodkins said. “They're not that aggressive to start with.”

Throw in the other issues and it became a no-contest.

Kristen McMillian, also a senior, got the second Dixon goal on her penalty kick around the 25-minute mark after a Dutchmen knocked her down in the box.

Then it was back to Whitaker at 11:56 left in the first half as she was once again kicking the ball from outside the box.

The kick just barely slipped through the keeps' fingers and into the bottom right-side of the goal.

With 8:56 left in the first half Owensville was able to get on the board with a shot that landed in the upper right-side of the goal.

Bodkins knew who to credit for the lack of Dutchmen goals in the tournament finale. One of his midfielders.

“Kilpatrick has done an awesome job controlling the midfield,” Bodkins said. “She's like a brick wall.”

Whitaker scored two more goals in the second half, one with 31:05 remaining and the other at the 60-minute mark.

A couple of Whitaker's goals took weird bounces en route to the goal that caused the Owensville goalkeeper to have troubles judging where the ball would end up.

Whitaker smiled when talking about it after the game.

“That's the beauty of our field,” she said. “It's to our advantage sometimes.”

Keyword: sometimes.

Lucky for her, it was Saturday as she and her teammates will keep the Dixon trophy in its hometown.

Whitaker was happy to get something shiny this early in the season.

“[Trophies] are always nice, we'll put it in our stash,” she said jokingly.

Dixon shutout Laquey 7-0 in the first round of the tournament to get to the championship game.