Supporting All Lives Together of Pulaski County (SALT) brought local families in need some Easter joy by hosting a community Easter dinner.

Supporting All Lives Together of Pulaski County (SALT) brought local families in need some Easter joy by hosting a community Easter dinner.

Each Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, SALT partners with other members of the community to host dinners, as an outlet for members of the community who do not have a place to spend the holidays.

This year the Easter Experience included a full buffet organized by Britten Dubose and Marlene Vaughan, extravagant Easter baskets provided by a team of volunteers lead by AJ Morris and packed by the Interact team at Waynesville High School, and an Easter Egg hunt.

Families were given an opportunity to make this a special day for their children through the support of the community.

SALT is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization established in 2010, with a mission to help with recovery from poverty and addiction in the Pulaski County community.

Co-Directors Burke and Jackie Flynt felt that more resources were needed in the community for those trying to make a better life for themselves. One goal of SALT is for its members to make positive community connections. These holiday dinners allow for those connections.

“It takes a village,” is a phrase usually restricted to discussions of raising children - however, Jackie Flynt feels that it applies well to the SALT program also, stating, “it is impossible for one person, one organization, one church, to take on the needs of all of those who are involved in addiction or who are impoverished in our community. It is possible for a whole community to make it happen.”

Flynt said that many entities were involved in making the Easter Experience a success.

The “Friends of AJ” organization has helped to make both Christmas and Easter a success. Prior to Christmas these ladies organized a gift drive for parents of children in the community; there are many organizations that work to make sure that children have presents on Christmas morning, however many impoverished children have no means of giving gifts to their parents. Through the efforts of the “Friends of AJ”, over $2000 in gifts were made available to children living in poverty, to wrap for their parents and grandparents for Christmas morning.

Immediately after Christmas the Friends of AJ asked what they could do next - with Easter baskets as their next task, the group went to town on the project. On Sunday April 20th, a trailer showed up at the First Assembly of God with 80 extravagant baskets for the children attending the Easter Experience dinner.

One parent said, “the basket weighed more to SALT that her team of women had probably received a greater blessing than the kids who would receive the baskets.

Also driven by the experience of the 2013 Christmas Dinner, were Britten Dubose and her family. Britten offered to take on the project of providing the food for the Easter Experience dinner, enlisting Marlene Vaughan, a retired caterer, to help.

During the planning, Britten said, “I want it to look like what my family and friends would have at our Easter dinner, not just some food on a plate.” Britten set out to enlist family and friends to donate, cook, and serve the meal. Britten and Vaughan produced a beautiful buffet fit for dignitaries.

SALT had the support of many other community groups and individuals who helped to make the Easter Experience a success.

Pastor Susan Marshal from Still Useable/Love Alive Ministries offered to bring a team stating, “we want to serve because that’s what we do.” A team of young marines helped set up the tables and did the entire cleanup, also setting up and organizing the first Easter Egg Hunt for the children. First Assembly of God generously donated the use of their building, and donations of food came in from many different members of the community. It takes a village…

To contact SALT about other projects and services, call 573-227-2027.

ABOUT Supporting All Lives Together of Pulaski County (SALT)

Established in 2010, SALT is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that works to assist members of the Pulaski County community who are impoverished or recovering from addiction, to develop the life skills, attitudes and positive lifestyles needed to build themselves a better life. For more information on what SALT does, how to get involved or to donate time or resources, please contact us at 573-227-2027 or email