Waynesville golf tries to fit in one more duel before the district tournament that is on Monday

ROLLA — Golf season is winding down towards districts so the Waynesville Tigers traveled to Rolla on Wednesday to play a duel match with Rolla to fine tune their skills before the District Tournament on Monday.

The Tigers scored their best overall card of the season with a 198, but that still wasn't enough to knock off Rolla as the Bulldogs scored a 160.

Jake Drenniak of Rolla led all golfers with a 35.

Jacob Morriss was Waynesville's team medalist with a 45, Wade Howser shot a 47, Dylan Reynolds 51, Fred Boone 55, Evan McWilliams 66, James Richardson 54, Austin Adams 61, Collin Ronje 58, Woo Song 58 and Raymond Owens 58.

Wednesday's challenge was the wind, as was it at the Conference Tournament that was on Monday, so Waynesville's coach wanted to make sure his boys could get some more work in against Mother Nature's hazards.

“We went in trying to work on knocking down shots into the wind,” Rube Dowell said. “Some of my golfers are finding that playing the ball back further in their stance slightly awkward and out of their comfort zone.”

Dowell said this late in the season, little adjustments like that are normal, but it's not a good idea to make complete overhauls.

“We aren't trying to change our swings, but we want to give ourselves more options for shot selections,” Dowell said.

A great act of kindness occurred in Wednesday's match as well.

James Richardson, a senior, gave up his varsity position so that the team could honor one of the freshmen golfers, Evan McWilliams, who is leaving after the season.

“James' great sportsmanship and team loyalty is what playing at Waynesville is all about,” Dowell said. “With sacrifices such as James', we can hold true to our motto that we may not always win on the course, but we will always be winners off the course.”