The Tigers finish their season 7-6 with a win on senior night

WAYNESVILLE — On senior night in Waynesville the Tigers tennis team was able to wrap up its season with a winning record (7-6) after defeating Willow Springs 6-3 in their final duel of the season.

Robert Osborn thoroughly destroyed his opponent, Matthew Coatney, 8-0 giving Coatney his first loss of the season according to Willow Springs coaches.

One of the two seniors on the club, Hunter Sadler, had a neck-and-neck match against Kalum Douglas. Although Sadler had his nose out front for most of the match, Douglas was never far behind.

Sadler ended up falling behind actually, but came back from being down 7-5 to win 9-7.

After his night was over, Sadler sat and thought about his four years in Waynesville.

“Tonight went by really fast, but I'm glad I came back and won both my matches on senior night,” Sadler said.

For someone who didn't know anything about tennis before his freshman year, Sadler has grown not just into a great player, but one who loves it for the sport that it is.

“I didn't know much about the sport, but when joined my freshman year...I love it now,” Sadler said. “I'm probably going to play for the rest of my life.”

He'll never forget the last four years.

“All the trips, when we go out for team dinner and the competitiveness of course,” Sadler said.

Fellow senior Nels Lund dropped his match 8-3 to Nathan Thornton, but was still upbeat on senior night.

“It's pretty saddening knowing that I won't be playing anymore [in high school],” Lund said. “But I'm pretty sure I'll be playing tennis in the future, so I'm not super-upset about it.”

Although he didn't quite have the night Sadler did, it doesn't mean he didn't have fun, just like every other night of his two-year career.

“Just hitting back and forth with my teammates, it's always fun getting rallies in and playing matches,” Lund said. “The bus rides, enjoying the company of my friends. And the sport of course.”

In the other matches, Kyle Roberts defeated Richard Pikul 8-4, Brian Fields won 8-6 over Mike Pilcher and John Parker lost to Kaleb Capeder 8-4.

In doubles, Osborn and Sadler teamed up to blowout Douglas and Thornton 8-1, Nels Lund and Roberts fell to Coatney and Ppikul and Fileds and David Lund defeated Pilcher and Capeder 9-7.