Two Crocker residents were injured in an accident involving a motorcycle on Highway 17 Monday evening.

According to Missouri State Highway Patrol, the accident occurred at 6:45 p.m. when the driver of a motorcycle made a left turn into the path of a Fort Taurus at the intersection of Highway 17 and BB Highway.

The motorcycle driver, Robert Lienbaugh, 54, of Crocker, and the passenger in the motorcycle, Terri Lienbaugh, 54, of Crocker, suffered moderate injuries from the accident and were transported to Phelps County Regional MedicalCenter.

The 2013 Can- Am motorcycle was totaled.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and the MSHP has offered a few tips for motorists to increase safety.

Car and truck drivers need to share the road with motorcyclists and keep the following in mind:

Drivers should actively watch for motorcyclists.  Motorcycles may look farther away than they are due to their smaller size. It is also difficult to judge the speed at which a motorcycle is traveling as it approaches.  Motorcycles are hidden easily in a vehicle’s blind spots, or masked by objects or backgrounds. Thoroughly check traffic before changing lanes! Motorcyclists may slow down by downshifting or easing off the throttle. So, you may not see a brake light. Allow extra distance between you and a motorcycle. A motorcycle’s turn signal does not cancel after the turn like a vehicle’s signal does. So, pay attention, the motorcycle may not be turning. A motorcyclist will often adjust their position in the lane in order to be seen more easily and to avoid debris, wind, or passing vehicles. Allow the motorcyclist to share the lane; don’t assume they are being reckless. Stopping distance for motorcycles is similar to that of cars. But, slippery pavement can make stopping quickly difficult. Please allow more distance behind a motorcycle in these types of road conditions.