Wildcats pitcher Colton Case carried a no-hitter into the seventh inning

WAYNESVILLE — Frisco League baseball teams are no joke this season and the Waynesville Tigers (6-16) had a taste of that on Monday at home when the Licking Wildcats (12-10) came to town.

The Wildcats had eight hits and took advantage of three errors to score 9 runs on the Tigers while their pitching took a no-hitter into the seventh inning and gave up one run on a sacrifice fly to win 9-1.

Waynesville coach Scott Turner said Licking's senior pitcher, Colton Case, happened to have the Tigers kryptonite in his arsenal.

“Their pitcher's strength is our weakness,” Turner said. “He throws off-speed pitches for strikes. That's what we can't hit right now, off-speed pitches. We just rolled over on the ball and hit lots of ground balls.”

Those off-speed pitches nearly led to a no-hitter for Case, but Trent Simpson swatted a single through the second-base hole in the seventh.

His coach, Jason Grose, said he could tell his pitching style was definitely causing problems for the Tigers.

“He's a curveball guy,” Grose said. “I don't want to say he throws them all the time, but if not, he's a 50-50 curveball-fastball guy.”

Colton pitched the whole way for a complete game victory finishing with two or three hits, depending on who you ask, giving up one run (unearned) while striking out three.

The third hit could be when in the bottom of the sixth a hit was sailing to centerfield and the fielder took a bad route to the ball and, when he realized he overran the ball, tried to jump to catch the ball and missed it.

Depending on how it was scored would also cause the run to be earned or unearned.

After another error moved the runner over, sophomore Seth Hedrick hit a sacrifice fly to score him and make the score 8-1 in the bottom of the sixth.

Rain canceled Waynesville's game against Helias on Wednesday, so the Tigers' next game will be on Thursday at Owensville.

The Class 5 District 10 tournament starts on Saturday and Waynesville will play Hillcrest in Springfield at Glendale at 1:30 p.m.