WAYNESVILLE — Waynesville wrestling is sending its second member to college now that Isaiah Johnson signed to Williams Baptist College on Thursday.

Johnson achieved many things over the season, including placing third in state in the 120-pound division, but Cory Ace, Johnson's coach, said Thursday was his greatest accomplishment.

“[Signing] is the ultimate goal,” Ace said. “To get those kids to sign, send them off to college so they can do bigger and better things, get an education and represent Waynesville to the best of their ability.”

And if anyone would be a good representative of Waynesville and its wrestling program, it would be Johnson.

“He's very quiet, very reserved, but he's come a long way since he's been here in Waynesville. He's worked hard, sacrificed a lot of time,” Ace said of Johnson. “At our awards banquet we gave him the four-D award [which is] dedication, desire, drive and determination. When you have a senior showing those things and makes a commitment to the program that's huge because you've got other younger guys looking up to that.”

Johnson also has a non-stop motor when he wrestles, no matter the situation he faces.

“I don't stop even if I'm losing,” Johnson said. “I keep moving forward.”

The new Eagle signee said he's thinking about studying in business or athletics.