Playing in a summer league paid off for Burns

WAYNESVILLE — Ashley Burns, a manager for the Waynesville Lady Tigers soccer team, has signed to play soccer for Iowa Lakes Community College in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

At first, that may be a head-scratcher to some, but Burns said she had plenty of tape for Iowa Lakes too look at.

“I was in a club team over the summer so that's how they found me,” Burns said.

Dave Neeley, the coach for the Lady Tigers' summer league, said it'll be a nice starting place for Burns.

She'll go there for one year and move on,” Neeley said.

Burns isn't 100 percent sure where she'll play just yet, but she is leaning towards a certain spot.

“I'm hoping defense,” Burns said, before laughing at comments that she just likes to push people around.

“She's big enough to play it,” Neeley said. “She knows that and she does a good job. She was a good player. Motivated, she has a good attitude and she works hard.”

The only thing Neeley and some of Burns' family wasn't sure about is the fact that Iowa Lakes team is called the Lakers — the same name of Waynesville's rival, Camdenton.

But they'll allow it as long as Burns can have fun while beginning her Major in education.

“I want to be a history and art teacher,” Burns said.

And, of course, it's always nicer when someone else is footing part of the bill of a college education.

“If someone else can pay for it, that's incredible,” Neeley said. “To get something for all the effort they've put in over the years.”