Three Waynesville men have been charged in connection with a robbery that took place at Spur Pawn Shop in St. Robert Friday, June 6, according to court documents.

Three Waynesville men have been charged in connection with a robbery that took place at Spur Pawn Shop in St. Robert Friday, June 6, according to court documents.
Marcus A. Hibbert, 18, Kevonn M. Shoulders, 17, and Tavarise R. Pryor, 20, all of Waynesville, have each been charged with first-degree robbery, armed criminal action and stealing a firearm.
Pryor also was charged with one count of felonious restraint while Hibbert was charged with two counts of felonious restraint.
According to the probable cause statement, two men entered Spur Pawn Shop, located at 946 VFW Lane, at 11 a.m. Friday wearing gloves. They allegedly locked the door and told the owners to get on the ground and duct taped their hands together. They then allegedly took their cellphones and cut the phone lines. One of the men was carrying a pellet handgun.
According to court documents, the two men allegedly took 21 handguns from the store, jewelry and $1,200 cash. The two men then reportedly turned off the open sign, left out the front door and got into a red Ford Focus.
The two victims stated they went to the St. Robert Police Department as soon as they got their hands free.
At 12:42 p.m. St. Robert Police Chief Curtis Currenton observed a red Ford Focus, traveling south on VFW Memorial Drive less than one mile away from Spur Pawn, occupied by two men who fit the same description as the suspects, according to police records. Police then pulled the vehicle over and made an investigative stop. The driver was identified as Shoulders and the passenger was identified as Hibbert.
During the investigation, a white iPhone was found lying on the front seat of the vehicle. Police then used the victim's passcode to access the phone, according to police records. A black pellet gun was then located in the glove box.
Hibbert and Shoulders were then transported to the St. Robert Police Department where they were both given their Miranda Rights.
Police documents state that Hibbert told police he was picked up by Shoulders earlier that day and they then went to Pryor's house, where “Pryor showed him a bunch of guns and gold.” Hibbert then wrote a voluntary statement but refused to sign it without a lawyer.
Shoulders told police he picked up Hibbert that morning and was going to take him to McDonald's, according to court records.
Hibbert then asked Shoulders to take him to Pryor's house and they picked up Pryor. Shoulders then took Pryor and Hibbert to Eagle Stop. Next, they both asked Shoulders to take them to a pawn shop.
According to court records, Shoulders stated he pulled into Nancy's Pawn Shop and Hibbert and Pryor got out of the vehicle and walked down to Spur Pawn Shop. Shoulders told police Pryor was carrying a duffle bag. Shoulders then told Pryor and Hibbert he was going to get something to eat, according to his statement. Shoulders drove to Culver's but decided to go back, according to police documents.
Once Shoulders got back to Nancy's Pawn Shop, Hibbert and Pryor got into the vehicle and told him to go to Highway Y, according to police records. Shoulders stated the bag Pryor was carrying appeared full when he got back into the vehicle. Shoulders then dropped off Pryor at a residence on Highway Y. Shoulders and Hibbert then went to Taco Bell, where they were pulled over.
According to online court records, Hibbert was recently released from prison and granted probation on May 9 on second-degree robbery charges for his alleged involvement in a robbery of Orscheln's Farm and Feed Store in Waynesville on Jan. 6, 2013. He was originally sentenced to 15 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections but was granted five years’ probation, effective May 9.
Shoulders graduated from Waynesville High School May 23. According to online court records, this is Shoulders' first criminal offense.
On Feb. 5, 2014, Pryor served 15 days in jail for first-degree trespassing. In December 2012, Pryor pleaded guilty to theft/stealing of a credit card or letter of credit charges and was granted five years’ probation.
Hibbert and Pryor have $1 million bonds each. Shoulders has a $500,000 bond. A warrant was issued for Pryor's arrest on Friday. If convicted of first-degree robbery, the defendants could face from 10 to 30 years in prison, or life imprisonment.