Between the youth, utility, two-stroke and four-stroke divisions 30 riders signed up to test their driving skills on Friday night

ST. ROBERT — The mud was flying Friday night at the fair grounds in St. Robert as the Pulaski County Regional Fair committee put together another ATV rodeo.

Six events pitted riders against one another: a three-barrel race, flag race, four-barrel race, keyhole race and pole-bending race.

Four different divisions competed, splitting up the youth into one group and the bikes into utility, two-stroke motors and four-stroke motors, to allow for fairer competition.

Jay Laughlin, the president of the fair committee, said about 30 riders brought their bikes out to St. Robert for the rodeo.

“We had racers from Newburg, Dixon, Crocker, Lebanon, Waynesville and Fort Leonard Wood,” Laughlin said. “We had a good crowd.”

He said keeping the price of entry down helps with the popularity.

“It's just something fun and cheap,” Laughlin said. “It's $20 to go out there and ride your bike, show off and throw a little mud.”

Garrett Long raced in the youth division and won three events. Not a bad haul considering this was his first year at the ATV rodeo.

“It's a blast,” Long said. “The first time I saw this, it made me want to [try it.]”

At the end of the night there was a “jackpot” race in which each rider who wanted to paid a $10 entry fee to have a sort of drag race. Laughlin announced there was a $50 bonus put into the pot as well, eventually making the pot $110.

There was one barrel placed down at the end of the grounds and each racer had to drive down, round the barrel and come back as fast as they could. One run, fastest time wins.

Vince Rivera of Dixon ended up winning the race.

He said this is the third year he has come out with his bike.

What keeps him coming out?

“For the love of the ride,” Rivera said. “I love riding.”