Morgan has improved across the board on his statistical production for the MOKAN Elite

WAYNESVILLE — Waynesville forward Juwan Morgan continues to pad his resume, even through the summer.

Early last week it was announced that Morgan was named the most improved player in the Elite Youth Basketball League.

Morgan plays for the MOKAN Elite team, which is based out of Kansas City.

His coach, Rodney Perry, said to earn such a prestigious honor in a league full of the nation's best players is quite the accomplishment.

“The league we play in is the best in the country, the players we play are the best in the country,” Perry said. “To get any type of award in this league is phenomenal. To be recognized as the player that has improved the most says a lot about Juwan and the way he's had to work.”

The biggest thing for Morgan, Perry said, was getting one year under his belt against the heightened competition.”He grew up and matured from that,” Perry said.

Morgan has put in work between the two seasons, improving all aspects of his game. And it showed across the board.

According to statistics acquired from Morgan's field goal percentage jumped from .623 to .692, his steals per game also shot up from 0.4 to 1.2 and rebounds per game bumped up from 6.4 to 6.8.

He's also nearly getting a block per game whereas he was averaging 0.3.

The largest increase by far though, is his points per game.

“He's able to score more this year than last,” Perry said. “Especially in different ways. Inside and outside.”

In 2013, Morgan was averaging 6.4 points per game in the EYBL. In 2014, that number is 10.9.

Obviously the numbers look great, but Perry said that's only half of Morgan's story.

“As a coach you want to be able to coach good kids and he's a great kid,” Perry said. “You also want a player who is unselfish and he is. You want a team first guy and he is. You want a player to do whatever it takes to win and he does.

“Whether it's rebounding, scoring or defending. He's willing to accept any role that you give him. As a coach, you can definitely excel with guys like that on your team.”