After much delay, Waynesville Patriot 12 Cinema to open in August

After five years of anticipation, the 12-Screen theatre complex in Waynesville should be set to open this summer, according to B & Theatres.

Construction crews have been working at the Waynesville Patriot 12 Cinema site, owned and operated by B&B Theatres, for more than a year now. The site is located on GW Lane near Waynesville High School.

Brock Bagby, Director of Business Affairs for B&B Theatres, said that crews been faced with several setbacks that have delayed the construction process.

Initial construction on the project was delayed last summer due to the uneven lot. The cinema sits on a large hill and Bagby said that crews had to remove 17 feet off the hill to make the lot flat and accessible.

Then, Old Man Winter's wrath battled with construction crews at the beginning of the year with heavy and frequent snow throughout the season, inevitably delaying progress.

Most recently, almost a month of high winds made construction at the site very dangerous for workers stopped construction for 21 days, Bagby said.

But the long-awaited cinema just might be worth the wait.

“This theatre will offer all stadium seating, digital projection, expanded food offerings including food to go such as burgers, hot dogs, cheese fries, fries, cheese sticks, and more,” Bagby said. “We will also offer traditional theatre food such as popcorn, self-serve Pepsi fountains, and self-serve candy.”

B &B also changed the design of the theatre, causing the project to delay. The Marquee Bar and Grille will now be located just off the lobby and will feature a lounge area, outdoor patio, full bar and grille.

Two auditoriums named "the Marquee Suites" will feature leather rocker chairs, a full-service waiting staff, and will be attached to the full bar and grill. Only guests 21 years of age and older will be able to enter the Marquee area, but guests do not have to buy a movie ticket to enjoy the bar and grill services.

This is the first time B&B has constructed the kitchen for the suites in a way that is accessible for theatre guests to order items.

"Because the kitchen will be right by the concession stand, we will offer full-entree items for other guests who aren't in the suites," Bagby said.

All 12 auditoriums in the theatre will feature stadium-style seating and will be equipped with the latest B&B technology including digital surround sound and wall-to-wall curved screens.

But perhaps the cinema's most impressive asset that sets it apart from others in the area is the Grand Screen — spanning a massive six stories wide and three stories high, making it one of the largest screens in the state, and even the nation, according to Bagby.

“The Grand Screen will boast one of the largest screens in the nation,” Bagby said. “This will be bigger than many IMAX screens. With IMAX, you can only show IMAX titles. With our Grand Screen we can show as many movies as we want as often as we want. It will feature larger seats, reserved seating, 10,000 watts of sound and a massive sound system. It will be unlike anything else in southern Missouri.”

B&B Theatres has been operating in Waynesville for more than 23 years. The Waynesville Cinema 4 opened in 1990 and will remain open until the week of the grand opening of the new theatre.

Bagby said that most likely 50 to 60 employees will work at the new theatre.

The company is aiming for an August opening. Follow Waynesville Patriot 12 for updates on the Cinema and announcements for job openings at

“The great thing about this theatre is you can choose your experience,” Bagby said. “You can choose the grand screen, the VIP marquee bar and grille screens, or the traditional auditoriums. Three great ways to watch a movie under one roof!”