The Tigers fall to the West Plains Zizzers 19-18 for the seven-on-seven title

SPRINGFIELD — Thursday was the third annual Ozark Conference seven-on-seven football tournament at Kickapoo High School in Springfield and for the first time in the history of the tournament, Camdenton wasn't the victor.

Instead, it was West Plains defeating Waynesville 19-18 on a heave by the Zizzers' quarterback Sam Hall into the end zone.

“It was just a perfect thrown ball and [the receiver] caught it on his fingertips with 20 seconds left,” Waynesville coach Rick Vernon said.

Even though winning the tournament would've been more ideal, second place isn't exactly hurting anyone's confidence either.
“This is the best we've finished,” Vernon said. “Credit our kids for playing well on offense and defense to put us in that situation yesterday.”

Vernon does have to give a disclaimer though.

“7-on-7 isn't really indicative of a passing game, there's a lot of things you'll do there that you wouldn't do in a real game.”

That being said, it does give the coaches a look at the attributes of their passing game.

For example, they can see the mechanics of their quarterback in play, get a look at how the receivers are running their routes and etc.

As far as that part goes, Vernon is pleased with the progress he's seeing.

“All of our kids are playing really well,” he said. “I think it's because they've bought in this summer to getting better. Because of that, I think they've all risen in their level of play.”

And they're going to keep putting in the work this summer to take advantage of that.

Vernon said the team has one more week of voluntary camp before they have to take a week off (the week of fourth of July). Which, he says, will help recharge everyone's batteries.

“We tell [the players] to go out and have a good time, and the coaches need to do so as well,” Vernon said. “Then we come back in the second week of July and hit the weight room as hard as we have been all summer.”