Waynesville coach Rick Vernon reminding his team that now is the time to get into shape and learn the playbook

WAYNESVILLE — August 9th is just a little over a month away, but for some on the Waynesville Tigers football team, it seems like an eternity.

Coach Rick Vernon knows better though, and told his team in the huddle after practice on Monday that they need to take advantage of the time they have between now and then to get into the best shape they can. Otherwise, on August 9th, when the pads finally go on, they're going to be behind everyone else in the conference.

Right now, the Tigers are in shoulder pads and helmets on Mondays and Wednesdays instilling the playbook and getting into shape by lifting Monday through Thursday morning in the weight room.

“That's what football is,” Vernon said. “A few years ago the state allowed you to start going helmets and shoulder pads [before full-pad practices]. You can get amazing things done with just helmets and shoulder pads. You can do all your drills and everything you need to do.”

Monday, some of the regular starters were out, but that tends to happen around holidays and during the middle months of the summer.

“You always have that,” Vernon said. “Kids going on different vacations and not everyone is here, but hopefully that's about finished and we start getting everyone here focusing on one big team concept.”