New logos, a new stain and a couple of repairs have made the court as beautiful as ever

WAYNESVILLE — Fans and players alike will get to experience a newly remodeled court at Waynesville High School in the coming weeks.

The basketball and volleyball court is nearing the end of its facelift process and Waynesville Athletic Director Josh Scott says fans will notice several differences.

“It was taken down to the original floor and then about eight dead spots were cut out and fixed,” Scott said. “From there it's been painted, stained and they've started the finishing process.”

The largest addition that will grab the most attention is the centerpiece of the court, so to speak.

“We have the oversized logo in the middle of the floor,” Scott said. “And it will be outlined in orange.”

Originally, there was nothing at center-court.

Also, the Ozark Conference and MSHSAA logos have been added and were moved inside of the orange volleyball court lines. Scott said that was intentional.

“This is not just a basketball court being refinished,” he said. “This is a volleyball court, our competition court being refinished.”

Around the black out-of-bounds lines there will be solid orange, around 30 to 36 inches in depth according to Scott.

“Outside of the Waynesville letters is all going to be orange too,” Scott said.

On both sides, the word Tigers were painted where the home team will sit.

“We brought the [word] Tigers in and that's where we'll start our matches off for volleyball, that's where our basketball teams start,” Scott said. “We have them on the floor instead of in front of the visiting teams.”

Inside the 3-point line and around the key, the wood has been stained darker.

On the walls at both baselines are pads and there will be changes to those as well.

In the middle of both will be two new pieces with the new “W” logo.

As well as additions, there have also been subtractions.

The auxiliary lines outside the court have been repainted and there have been lines deleted so the court looks cleaner. Extra volleyball lines inside the court have been removed too, and replaced with guidelines that serve as a starting point so extra volleyball courts can be taped off.

Scott also said there will be a surprise finishing touch at the end of each baseline that will be unveiled when the court is reopened.