Drury coach Trisha Henry helps out former player, Holly Davidson, in getting her team into form

WAYNESVILLE — There's no living in the glory days of last year for the Waynesville volleyball team.

This year's squad has been getting down to work all summer and that continued on Monday when Drury Assistant Coach Trisha Henry came to town to coach a satellite camp.

Waynesville coach Holly Davidson said they brought Henry in last year to help with a camp as well, but they know each other from farther back than that.

Henry was a the head coach on Davidson's high school team at Republic.

“I learned all my basic fundamentals from coach Henry,” Davidson said. “All of my philosophy pretty much aligns with hers, so who would be a better person to come in and reinforce what I've started?”

True to their like-minds, they agreed that working on fundamentals would be a safe bet for the camp, seeing that the Waynesville roster is a mixed bag of skill level.

“My goal going in is always [to work on] fundamentals,” Henry said. “And just instilling a love and passion for the sport. I think if they walk out knowing they can work hard, but it's fun, that's a benefit and they end up falling in love with the sport.”

Davidson also wanted Henry to go over what she thinks may be a weakness in her coaching arsenal.

“I was more of an offensively-minded player,” Davidson said. “So I think that comes across in my coaching too. So I like to have her reinforce some defensive fundamentals.”

After the morning session of the camp on Monday, Henry asked the group of Tiger volleyball players to give her some feedback and the group wholly agreed that Henry had helped them fix some communication issues on the court and fine-tuned some of their setting techniques.

Even the best teams will always have things to work on.

“We celebrated last year, but this is a new team,” Davidson said. “I think we have a good chance to be very successful [this year too] if we can pull some things together, and I think they know that, but we are definitely looking to the future and not in the past.”