The Waynesville Tigers F.C. take third place at Show-Me Games in Columbia over the weekend

COLUMBIA — This weekend Waynesville continued its haul at the Show-Me State Games with the under-12 team nabbing a bronze medal.

Coach Manson Fowler said his Tigers lost their first game 3-1 against the Neosho United on Friday and won their second game 3-0 against the Fighting Bulldogs from Versailles, which was on Saturday.

For their last game on Saturday they lost against the Neosho Firestorm 1-0 to end their run.

The point differentials ended up putting them in third place though, which put a smile on the kids' faces Fowler said.

“And the kids had a lot of fun at the hotel,” he said. “Because of the fundraisers, we ended up having a family and team dinner too.”

The U12 Tigers had a successful bake sale outside of Walmart in St. Robert. The money raised was able to cover all of the players' registration fees too.

Fowler said the best thing about all of this is that most of the players are going to come back — presumably 11 out of the 17.

“We're going to keep those kids together,” Fowler said. “This team has been around for four or five years, with different coaches, but the kids have been relatively the same. They've been building with each other.”

The formula is working.

Third place is the best finish under Fowler's reign, but this same group has won a gold medal before.

All of these years together has created a familiarity with each other and it shows on the field.

“Especially in the second game when we won 3-0,” Fowler said. “The kids were really clicking. They were able to send passes and know someone was going to be there to receive the pass. When someone got into trouble, someone was always there to pick them up.”

So, at the next Show-Me State games Fowler says the team is going to have to raise its standards for success.

“Next year we definitely plan on going back and trying to get the gold.”