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  • Newkirk, Rapone, Whittle, Headrick win primaries

  • Newkirk, Rapone, Whittle, Headrick win primaries
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  • Pulaski County Republicans turned out in large numbers on Tuesday in a primary election that drew 23 percent of registered voters.
    Presiding County Commissioner Gene Newkirk, the incumbent, faced four opponents in the Republican primary, including Donald B. Mayhew, Bill Farnham, James R. Skaggs and Kenny Zeigenbein. No democrats filed for this position. Newkirk won the majority of the votes in the race with 1,351 total votes, earning 35 percent of the votes.
    Incumbent Sue Rapone defeated her opponent Pamela Cox in the Republican Primary for County Treasurer. Rapone earned 2,234 votes, while Cox trailed with 1,487 votes. Because no democrats filed for the seat, Rapone will likely be re-elected in November.
    Daniel Whittle defeated his two opponents, Pat Fincher and Larry Southard, in the Republican primary for County Assessor. Whittle earned 43 percent of the vote. Whittle will face Democrat Kim Skaggs-Henson in November. Skaggs-Henson is the incumbent.
    Michael Headrick defeated his opponent Dean Matthews by more than 1,000 votes to win the Republican nomination for Associate Circuit Judge- Probate Division. Headrick will face incumbent Democrat Ronda Cortesini in November.
    Unofficial results state that 80 percent of the votes in yesterday's Pulaski County election were for the Republican party.
    Here are the results from the Pulaski County Clerks office:
    Total Ballots = 4,9991
    Voter turnout = 23%
    Votes by Party
    80% Republican party
    18% Democrat party
    2% Other
    (R) - denotes Republican Party candidate
    (D) - denotes Democratic Party candidate
    (C) - denotes Constitution Party candidate
    (L) - denotes Libertarian Party candidate
    √ - denotes candidate wins the seat, no candidate from opposing party on ballot
    *- denotes candidate advances to the November general election
    Presiding Commissioner
    √ Gene Newkirk(R, incumbent) :1,351 votes, 35%
    Kenny Zeigenbein(R): 826 votes, 21%
    James R. Skaggs(R) : 718 votes, 19%
    Donald B. Mayhew (R): 701 votes, 18%
    Bill Farnham(R) : 255 votes, 7%
    County Clerk
    √ Brent Bassett (R, incumbent):3,206
    Clerk of the Circuit Court & Recorder of Deeds
    *Rachelle Beasley (R, incumbent):812 votes
    *Adrienne Echelberry (R):2,879 votes
    √ Sue Rapone (R, incumbent): 2,324 votes, 61%
    Pamela Cox(R): 1,487 votes, 39 %
    Prosecuting Attorney
    *Wayne Gifford (D):634 votes
    *Kevin Hillman(R, incumbent): 3,339 votes
    √ Terri L. Mitchell (R, Incumbent):3,451 votes
    *Kim Skaggs-Henson (D, Incumbent): 34 votes
    *Daniel Whittle (R)-: 1,615 votes, 43%
    Larry Southard (R)-1,125 votes, 30%
    Pat Fincher (R)-1,000 votes, 27%
    Associate Circuit Judge-Probate Division
    *Ronda Cortesini (D, Incumbent): 745 votes
    *Michael V. Headrick (R): 2,449 votes, 69%
    Dean A. Matthews(R): 1,131 votes, 31%
    Associate Circuit Judge- Magistrate Division
    Page 2 of 2 - *Colin Long (D): 812 votes
    *Jeff Thomas (R): 2,956 votes
    *Clara Ichord(D): 286 votes, 64%
    *Mark C. Prugh (D): 240 votes, 57%
    Wayne Gifford (D): 181 votes, 43%
    Yvonne Reeves-Chong (D): 157 votes, 37%
    Regional Races
    State Senator- District 16
    Bernard Mowinski (R): 2,803 total votes
    516 votes from Pulaski County
    √ Dan Brown (R, incumbent) : 17,773 total votes
    3,118 votes from Pulaski County
    Representative District 122
    √ Steve Lynch (R, incumbent)- 1,904 votes
    State Representative District 121
    √ Keith Frederick(R,incumbent)- 3,468 total votes
    1,261 votes from Pulaski County
    State Representative District 142
    √ Robert Ross (R,incumbent)- 4,031 total votes
    211 votes from Pulaski County
    U.S. Representative District 4
    *Nate Irvin (D)-26,823 total votes
    700 votes from Pulaski County
    *Vicky Hartzler (R,incumbent)- 65,390 total votes
    2,879 votes from Pulaski County
    John Webb (R)- 22,126
    893 votes from Pulaski County
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