The Waynesville Tigers will travel to Springfield on Friday for their jamboree against Marshfield, Nixa and Glendale

WAYNESVILLE — The 2014 football season is so close the Waynesville Tigers can taste it.

On Friday the Tigers will travel to Springfield to take on Marshfield, Nixa and Glendale in a jamboree held at Glendale High School.

Games will start at 6:00 p.m.

Each team will have 12 offensive and 12 defensive plays against one another.

Waynesville coach Rick Vernon says it'll be nice for his guys to finally start hitting players from another team.

“You get to go against other teams' varsity players,” Vernon said. “We're just going to run our base plays against faster, probably stronger players, and find out where we're at offensively and defensively.”

After it's all over, there's just one week until the games start counting, and even less time to prepare for it.

“We will have about four days to get better,” Vernon said.

On Wednesday the team used a variation of the Oklahoma drill to get some full-speed looks at what they'll be asked to do on Fridays this fall.

Vernon calls it “Tiger war.”

Each section of the offense and defense face one another, the defense trying to stop the run and the offense trying to get the running back past the defense.

It's not just offensive linemen and running backs against defensive linemen and linebackers. It goes all the way out to wide receivers against cornerbacks with the running back taking a pitch outside.

The drill was by far the most exciting part of practice as the players, and coordinators, were cheering for their respective sides and taking each loss as an insult.

“It's your offensive position going against your defense, just like it will be during a real game,” Vernon said. “You break it down into pieces so you can really watch the different positions.”

There was also some extensive work with special teams and Reggie Walker continued to surprise with his electrifying returns. He will be a player to watch Friday, and when the games begin to count for something on August 22.

Vernon said the team hasn't circled any games on their calendar because every game counts, especially districts.

“It all starts with West Plains,” Vernon said. “And then that next week is our first district game (against Lebanon) where each game counts for points to decide the district.”