It didn't take long for the TIgers to flex the muscle they possess at the middle of the net, and after they did they rolled to a 3-1 finish at the jamboree in Rolla

ROLLA — Waynesville volleyball displayed that strong middle that everyone has been talking about at the jamboree in Rolla on Monday night.

After dropping their first set to Washington, Waynesville went on to beat the Blue Jays 20-18 in the second set and then beat Rolla in both sets 19-17 and 19-13.

Not surprisingly, Kallie Bildner and Ariel Okorie had impressive performances. Bildner had 14 kills in one match versus Rolla and Okorie had 10 in the other.

Waynesville coach Holly Davidson thinks their loss was due to some first game butterflies.

“I feel like we played a little nervous with Washington,” Davidson said. “That's the good thing about jamborees — we can get those nerves out. We had a tough first game, but that prepares you for the challenges.”

During the jamboree, the challenge was the Blue Jays tough defense.

“Washington is defensively sound and they don't let the ball hit the floor a lot,” Davidson said.

Davidson continued on to say that the jamboree has hopefully set the Tigers up for some future success.

On Friday the Lady Tigers will travel to Springfield to play Glendale, with games set to begin at 4:30 p.m.

Davidson predicts the Falcons will be a state ranked team by the time all is said and done.

“Glendale didn't lose anyone and, actually, picked up a player or two,” she said.

The Tigers, however, proved they aren't a slouch either after their jamboree. Their formula for success that they developed last year is still just as good.

“When we [established our middle] we could open up our left and right sides,” Davidson said. “Offensively I think we look pretty strong. I think we need some more work defensively, but I always feel like that.”