OSAGE BEACH — In what Waynesville tennis coach Kayla Wilson called her team's “best match yet,” the Tigers narrowly lost to the Osage Beach Indians five games to four on Tuesday.

Kaitlynn Wagner (8-4), Paige Massey (8-5) and Mollie Henry (8-2) all won their singles matches while the team of Randi Anderlik and Henry defeated Osage's Savannah Winn and Jessica Smith 8-5 in doubles.

“All the girls put their whole heart into this match and left everything they had on the court,” Wilson said. “They fought for each point and made their opponent work hard for the win.”

Anderlik and Henry set the tone for the Tigers when they won their doubles match to begin the night.
Wilson said she was very impressed with their chemistry.

“These girls make a great team,” Wilson said. “They compliment each other well, have fun and go for the win in every match. I'm super impressed with how quickly they've bonded and learned to communicate with each other. That's huge in doubles.”

Massey's win over the Indians player Courtney Grasshoff was one of the highlights of Tuesday's match.

Wilson talked about how intense it was and also how it showcased Massey's growth as a tennis player.

“Her strokes are spot on and have gotten much more powerful this year,” Wilson said. “This long match was well fought out by both girls and each point was earned well.”

Wagner's match was also one Wilson wanted to highlight.

“Kaitlynn is a very strong player. Her shots are highly accurate and each point is well thought out. She reads the court well and is getting much better at putting her opponent right where she wants her to end with a solid winner.”

The Tigers' next match will be against the Camdenton Lakers on Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in Waynesville.