Meet Team RWB, a group that promotes connections in the community with veterans through social and physical activities.

Team Red, White and Blue (RWB) is all about connections and community involvement. Their goal is to connect veterans to their community, especially through social and physical activities.

According to RWB member, Jay Tiegs, “We are a Veterans Advocacy group whose mission is to enrich the lives of America’s Veterans through physical and social activities. We host a lot of different events; running seems to be one of our most popular events. In addition to running we are into cycling, kayaking, yoga and hiking. We host regular weekly events in addition to special social events and volunteering.”

Team RWB is holding a Pub Run this coming Monday at Hoppers. Participants are to meet at the parking lot next to Lost in the Woods Antiques for a walk/run followed by a social hour at Hoppers with free appetizers. Open to anyone. Do the run, do the pub, do both.

Money that is donated to the group is used to buy veterans things such as: gym memberships, sneakers or anything else they may need to get the veteran active and out in their community. Money donated has also has gone towards treating veterans to social family excursions. Some recent fundraising events the group has participated in are: The Veterans Home Half Marathon and a powerlifting event.

They host many competitive runs throughout the year and noncompetitive runs on a weekly and impromptu basis. The next dates for yoga are the 2nd and 4th Fridays at Personal Nutrition. Functional fitness is this Saturday, 10am at Combate Xtreme.

If anyone has an interest in any area that meshes with the mission of Team RWB, they are welcome to start new events.

Ayesha Aaliyah is the instructor Team RWB's yoga group. She got involved with Team RWB in May of this year. She mentioned hiking and paint and sip as some of the other new group activities that have been started.

Aaliyah explained, “We are all about pushing you to do something.” She also explained that she feels it is very rewarding, being part of the group.

“You get out of it, what you put into it”, Aaliyah said.

The group also welcomes families to bring children with them. They feel that it is important to involve children in the activities as it teaches them to respect and value veterans.

Local events can be found on their Facebook page: Team RWB Fort Leonard Wood. Members also post on the page when they are wishing to have an impromptu activity.