Fort Leonard Wood informs civilian and military personnel about current road conditions, weather, and installation operations.

Over the next few days, Fort Leonard Wood and surrounding areas are slated to receive some icy, cold weather.

The Installation Operations Center, through its SNAIR program, seeks to keep personnel informed of current road conditions, inclement weather and installation operations.

The IOC provides the compiled weather information to several sites, where drivers can check road conditions before operating their vehicles.

- Fort Leonard Wood official Facebook page: is updated with road conditions, facility closures or official announcements.

- Fort Leonard Wood Weather Alerts page: is updated at 5 a.m., every day (year-round) and as weather conditions change. Drivers can access facility closures, current road conditions, status of primary parking lots and more.

- The Wood Line: 573.563.4141 is also updated daily at 5 a.m., and as weather conditions change.

- The AtHoc program: Where any severe weather related information is published, can be found by clicking the “AtHoc Alerts Setup” hyperlink located at, This feature is available to all Common Access Card (CAC) users on post as well as family members, long-term contractors, private organizations or tenants on the installation.

- Missouri Department of Transportation web page at,

- Commuters may also check local and regional radio and television stations in Springfield, Lebanon, Rolla, St. Robert and Waynesville.

On post road conditions are defined by color codes:

- Green: No safety threat to the public due to weather conditions. Proceed with normal operations.

- Amber: Difficult to hazardous road conditions. Drivers must slow to 10 mph below the posted speed limit to maintain traction and a safe stopping distance. Roads are icy or snow packed, but clearing operations are making roads passable.

- Red: Most intersections present difficult or no stopping conditions. Weather forecast calls for continued precipitation with below freezing temperatures. Clearing operations have not kept priority number one roads easily passable. Black ice or ice sheeting has made passage hazardous. Safe speed limit is 10 to 15 mph regardless of posted limit, driving above 10 to 15 mph causes vehicles to lose traction and safe stopping distances are significantly increased.

- Black: Restriction of all vehicular traffic on Fort Leonard Wood. Emergency vehicles are unrestricted (military police, ambulances, fire trucks, Directorate of Public Works, SNAIR support team mission essential vehicles). Non-emergency vehicles must obtain approval from their authorized delegated officer.