After kidnapping a woman brandishing a knife, Bridges was sentenced this week.

Derek Lee Bridges, 21, was sentenced to 10 additional years for kidnapping a woman from McDonalds, in Rolla, at knifepoint.

The sentence is to be served consecutively to the 11 years he was already serving for Domestic Assault and Drug Posession for a total of 21 years.

The kidnapping charge came after Bridges approached a female victim from behind, according to the probable cause statement, after she left the McDonalds on Kingshighway in Rolla. The victim told police that Bridges "asked for a ride to St. James and she refused."

Police were told that Bridges then "proceeded to brandish a pocket knife with a blade of approximately 3 inches long," according to court documents, and the woman said Bridges would not hurt her if she drove him to St. James.

Police said the woman "felt she had no choice but to give him a ride...."

The woman told police that she had to stop to fuel up her vehicle and wanted to get gasoline at Mobil on the Run in Rolla, "but she said Bridges wouldn't let her because he said the cops hang out there," court records state.

The suspect then directed the woman to get fuel at the Phillips 66 station at North Bishop Avenue and Walnut Street in Rolla. Court documents state that Bridges would not let the victim have her phone when she stepped out of the vehicle.

The woman also told police that Bridges described "his violent past, which led her to believe he would harm her," according to the probable cause statement. "...Bridges told her about a time he held a blow torch to another man's face and when he used a golf club to strike his baby's mother," court documents state.

The woman drove Bridges to a residence on County Road 1050, north of St. James, where he exited the vehicle and let her leave.

The woman drove to the Rolla Police Department to report the incident once she was set free.

Rolla police, using directions given by the victim, found Bridges in a house asleep where Bridges was arrested, according to the probable cause statement.

After being read his Miranda rights, Bridges told police that "he brandished the knife because he wanted to scare (the woman) into giving him a ride."

Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney, Brenden Fox said, "I know the aftermath of the kidnapping has been very difficult for the victim, but I am hopeful things will get better as time passes and with the knowledge that Bridges will be behind bars for a long time.”