Need something to do or keep the kids entertained during the storm? Here are 5 fun ways to ride out the storm.

The forecast isn't looking good and there's a strong likelihood that, as you read this, ice has already begun to form on trees and roads. There isn't much one can do about Missouri's fickle weather where we have such extremes in one week, so residents are stuck riding out the storm and waiting for roads to be cleared before they can go anywhere.

In a normal week, the Daily Guide would typically have had an article entitled "3 things to do this weekend," but since we're expecting bad weather, I thought it would be nice to do a column on fun ways to ride out the storm, especially since anything I would put in that article would probably be cancelled.

Hopefully, everyone is as prepared as they can be for the storm and has found somewhere warm and dry to ride it out. As a mother of eight, with five still at home, the idea of a possible loss of electricity has me working out ways to entertain children ranging from four to 14.

Whether you have children or not, there isn't any reason not to make being marooned at home, because of an ice storm, a little enjoyable.

1. Dig out the board games

You don't have to have children to enjoy board games and you don't have to have electricity to enjoy them either, so long as you have candles or flashlights to light the way. Riding out the storm is the perfect time to dust off the old standards such as Life, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. These kinds of games can be enjoyed by adults and children, so play them with your kids or invite the neighbors over to ride out the storm together.

2. Have a movie marathon or binge watch a TV series

If the power hasn't gone out, this is the perfect time to have a movie marathon or binge watch a tv series. Pick a favorite series or theme or some you haven't seen yet. You can pop some popcorn, snuggle up and watch the best Hollywood has to offer. A fun suggestion is to play a scavenger hunt style game as you watch a particular movie or series. Create a scavenger hunt where you have to find odd items in movies or TV shows such as green shoes, a silly hat, a red cape, a pink car, or other items.

3. Read a book

A startling statistic says 33 percent of high school graduates will never read another book after graduation and 42 percent of college graduates will never read another book after graduation. As a writer, I find this hard to imagine, but the statistic is out there. Being marooned at home because of the weather is the perfect time to read a book. With books available on our phones, computers, and tablets, as well as in classic paper form, reading is easier than it ever was before. I just recently read an entire series on my phone. Whether you have electricity or not, you can read, so long as there is a light source.

4. Get out the playing cards

You don't need electricity to play cards and there's a whole host of them to choose from such as different types of poker, rummy, spades, hearts, solitaire, war, memory and many others. Some of these games can be played by yourself, with the kids, or the neighbors.

5. Work on a project

As you might be able to tell, I'm not big on down time. I like to feel like I'm doing something productive, even when it's something enjoyable or entertaining. One of my very favorite websites, besides, is Pinterest. Pinterest is full of a wealth of project ideas that range from very easy things to do with your children to recipes, repurposing objects into new useful objects, building things, art projects, sewing projects, and anything else a creative, or even not-so-creative, heart can think of. You can learn how to make clocks, clothes, art, and everything in between on Pinterest. Being stuck at home because of bad weather is a good time to find a project using household items and let your creativity go.