The area weathered winter storm Jupiter fairly well, despite seeing accumulations of a half inch or more of ice.

Winter storm Jupiter blew through the area beginning Friday morning and into Sunday morning, making residents nervous and reminding people of the 2007 storm. However, Jupiter didn't create nearly the damage or cause the problems the 2007 storm caused.

The area received around a half inch of ice, with localized pockets higher and lower than that amount. Fort Leonard Wood resident, Melissa Walters, sent the Daily Guide a photo that showed very close to a full inch of ice and a fun video, available to view at, of her husband and her sun sliding on the ice covered grass.


Local power companies experienced some outages in some areas. Laclede Electric, which serves a good portion of the county reported that their largest power outage was near Camdenton with nearly 2,000 people affected.

Other outages didn't affect large amounts of customers and most didn't last very long. Laclede reported that the longest any of their customers were without power was for about four hours.

Byron Dudley, Laclede Electric Cooperative Manager of Communications and Public Relations, told the Daily Guide, Monday, that the "system held well."

"What we really battled were trees outside the right-of-way making contact with power lines," Dudley said.

The electric company has a right-of-way around power lines and poles that allows them to trim back trees that could cause a potential problem, however trees outside of the right-of-way can still pose a hazard when ice causes trees to bend, branches to break, and even trees to be uprooted.

Buckhorn saw an outage during the storm where a tree came across the line and broke an electric pole, according to Dudley, causing the longest outage the company had during the storm at around four hours.

Dudley said Mother Nature cooperated this year and the area didn't see the wind it did in 2007. According to Dudley, Laclede's power lines are "rated for a half inch of ice with 30 mph wind" and "we didn't see the huge wind gusts we saw in 2007."

Laclede has also replaced 10,000 electric poles and replaced 100 miles of line since 2007, Dudley reported.

"Those items certainly helped this time during the ice storm," Dudley said.

Even though the storm didn't cause much in the way of power outages, local residents did see damage to trees around their homes. The Daily Guide requested readers send us photos of the ice around their homes and got an overwhelming response of nearly 100 photos.

The Daily Guide created a video of reader submitted photos: