Thursday's city council meeting was a first for the city of Waynesville. It was the first city council meeting held at the new Municipal Center.

Jan. 19 update The Waynesville City Council has a new home and celebrated that at Thursday night’s meeting. An open house was held prior to the meeting so that the public could come in, take a tour, and see the way the city has rennovated the old theater building. Here are three things you should know from the meeting:


1. Municipal center information. Hardman opened the city council meeting discussing features of the building and how the city was able to rennovate the building for its purposes at a much lower cost than initial estimates. First estimates on rennovating the building by outside contractors came in at around $3 million. The city decided to do most of the work on the building “in house.” City Administrator Bruce Harrill said that city employees worked on the building when there was spare time, ultimately costing the city much less than the original estimate. According to Hardman and Harrill, the rennovation cost the city around $350,000, a fraction of the estimate.


2 Waynesville - St. Robert sports program. Now that City Hall has moved to the Municipal Center, Waynesville Police Department is moving into the former City Hall building, freeing up its building for the Waynesville - St. Robert sports program. Waynesville is taking over the administration of the program and announced that they were in need of referees for youth soccer. The soccer season will begin soon. Also mentioned was the issue of parents trying to get on Fort Leonard Wood to watch their children play in the park report. According to the park report, the issue is being addressed.


3. Reports and upcoming events.

- Coltons will be hosting a fundraiser for Little Heroes Playground Thursday, Jan. 26.

- A planning and zoning meeting is scheduled for Feb. 14 and discussion about how to handle vacant buildings and foreclosed property is planned.

- The speculative building is complete.

- The city is purchasing a piece of property on Pine, in the City Park, that connects up with other property they bought at a tax sale. The purchase price is $3,000.

- The city was denied the sidewalk grant they recently applied for. Hardman said the city would likelly apply again and ask for smaller amounts to do smaller sections at a time.

- Zeigenbein Sanitation will continue to handle solid waste for the city.

- An ordinance was passed for fitting excess flow valves on properties using natural gas.