The city showed its appreciation to several of its police officers recently by honoring them during the city council meeting.

During the Waynesville City Council meeting, Thursday evening, officers from the Waynesville Police Department and one from the Richland Police Department were recognized and given awards by the city.
Several officers received awards from the American Police Hall of Fame. Winners are as follows:

American Police Hall of Fame, Merit Awards for Excellent Arrest:
-Waynesville Police Chief Dan Cordova
- Sgt. Victor Weir
- Corporal Travis Shaffer
- Corporal Josh Hazel
- Officer Stephanie Patterson
- Officer Steven Watson
- Richland Police Officer Matt Cordoves

American Police Hall of Fame, Life Saving Award:
- Officer Kyle Prock
City of Waynesville, City Administrator’s Award for Leadership:
- Sgt. Mark Piles
City of Waynesville, City Administrator’s Certificate of Appreciation:
- Officer Michael Ruess
City of Waynesville Mayor’s Award:
- Corporal Montana Ouellette
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, Certificate of Appreciation:
-Corporal Montana Ouelette
City of Waynesville Award for Professionalism:
Officer Joseph McCrudden