Dominique Lanier and Kai Byrom were named the Waynesville Career Center students of the month for January 2017. 

Lanier, a Waynesville High School senior, is in the WCC’s health science class. Her instructor is Jordan Walters.

“Dominique was recently voted HOSA president by her peers,” Walters said. “She sets the bar high for her peers; she comes to class with a positive attitude, and a willingness and wanting to learn. She is very responsible and respectful. Dominique is a shining example of what we all wish our students could be like.”

Byrom is a sophomore from Waynesville High School who is in the JROTC class at WCC. His instructor is 1st SGT Meghan Fadl.

 “Cadet Byrom is not an individual who would stand out immediately, but after observing him you would realize his character is above reproach,” Fadl said. “He is always focused on doing his best at all times. Good sportsmanship and doing the right thing is always his first thought, from picking up trash he sees on the ground, to reporting penalties (he committed) that the judges may not have seen at Raider meets. He has done this at more than one meet. Byrom is a great-hearted individual and I can always count on him doing the right thing and setting the example for others.”