The speed limit may change near Pizza Hut and smokers who throw their butts on the ground could be looking at fines.

January 24, 2017 update

St. Robert held its Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday night and a number of things were discussed. Among the topics discussed were the success of Shop with a Cop, changing the speed limit near Pizza Hut, and littering. In attendance were Aldermen Theresa Cook, Dr. Charles V. Slider, Linda Daniels, Reggie Hall, Todd Williams, Allan Johawsen, Michael Myers, and Bill Shaw. Also attending was the  Mayor of St. Robert, Dr. George A. Laurtson. Here are three things you should know from the city's Board of Aldermen meeting:

Shop With A Cop

Shop with a cop was a huge success. 233 children were able to participate. There was enough money raised to cover 250 children. There were 17 children that were invited but could not or did not participate. The money that was raised, but not used, will be put into a non-interest bearing account that will roll over to help children next year.

Possible Change of Speed Limit

It was suggested that the 15mph speed limit be changed in the area between the stop light and Pizza Hut over by the area behind Cracker Barrel. It was discussed that there will be a process to start to move towards having it changed.

Please Pickup Your Trash

There is a concern for the amount of cigarette butts that are being dropped in parking areas in front and around city buildings. The Aldermen feel that it is a waste of money for the city and a waste of time for the employees. Employees are being kept busy with picking up cigarette butts that should be disposed of properly anyway. It is a $127.50 ticket for littering in the city of St. Robert.