The McCall sisters embody the giving spirit by using their birthdays to raise money for worthy causes.

Torrey and Calley McCall believe giving is better than getting, even for their birthdays.
Torrey, 11, and Calley, 8, just held their fifth joint birthday party where they asked their friends and relatives not to get them birthday presents, but to donate to a cause instead. This year the girls asked everyone to donate money for Little Heroes Playground and they raised the largest amount they have ever raised through one of their birthday parties with $513.
Torrey and Calley are the daughters of Kym and Jimmy McCall, who said the goal of the donations was to help a local cause and make the parties more about friends, instead of who got what.
Kym said that each year the girls sit down and discuss community needs and which one(s) they would like to address.
"I think that it's really fun to hang out with your friends and not get birthday presents for once. It makes me feel happy and good inside (to donate to a cause)," Torrey told the Daily Guide in an interview at the Waynesville Municipal Center, after the girls donated the money raised from their recent birthday party.
The girls have donated to a number of places and to several different causes besides Little Heroes Playground, including Snack in a Pack, the animal shelter, summer reading program at the library, and board games for the senior center.
Calley said her favorite place is the animal shelter "because you get to go and pet the dogs." The girls have donated to the shelter a couple of times in the past.
Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman was on hand to receive the donation from the girls and gave them a Good Citizen Award for their efforts.
The girls told the Daily Guide that they hope to keep the donations going with their birthday parties and are grateful to their friends and family for donating because it wouldn't be possible without them.
Hardman said the girls will have their name on the donor wall at Little Heroes Playground for their  more than $500 donation.
When asked why they picked the playground, Kym said the girls "can't wait for the new playground" and when they heard there wasn't quite enough money to finish it, the playground was the choice.  
"As a mom, I am proud of the girls for realizing things are not important, but people and community are. It is a tough skill to teach but it is important," Kym said.