Pulaski County Salvation Army Service Unit has something to be proud of, after the 2016 Tree of Lights campaign. They went more than $2,000 over their goal.

THE GOAL: The Pulaski County Salvation Army Service Unit, serving all the towns and areas in Pulaski County, managed to raise $82,612.56 for the 2016 campaign. The figure was more than $2,000 over their goal of $80,000.

ABOUT THE PULASKI COUNTY SERVICE UNIT: The Pulaski County Salvation Army Service Unit provides benevolent funds for people in need throughout the year for emergencies, food, utility bills, medical bills, housing, clothing and many other necessities. Porter said the organization's greatest expense throughout the year is helping needy families with medical and utility bills.A partnership with Good Samaritan of the Ozarks helps the unit distribute funds to those in the most need and provide help.


700 plus hours were dedicated to bell-ringing, Which includes the volunteer time setting up, tearing down, and managing the process, in Pulaski County.  

506  hours were spent by volunteers in all kinds of weather actually ringing a bell at one of the many locations in Pulaski County where the infamous red kettle was set up.

54 hours of bell-ringing was spent by one individual, the most given by any one person in the county. Ralph Myer volunteered to ring a bell from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. almost every day, adding up to that 54 hour total.

28 hours of bell-ringing, the second highest amount by any one individual, was spent

20 hours of bell-ringing, the third highest amount by any one person, came from Clara Ichord.

86 volunteers from the Waynesville High School’s National Honor Society spent 40 hours, the equivalent of a full-time job, ringing the bells to raise money for the organization. Three students who had put in the most hours represented their organization at the recent Salvation Army Wrap-up meeting. Bailey Poncia gave five and a half hours, Hana Hosick gave five hours, and Ashton Reiser gave four hours.

$320 of the total amount raised came from the Salvation Army’s new text code, OURTOWN, where you enter your zip code to benefit the local unit and donate via debit card.

$3,180 was donated in the small kettles near cash registers, like the one at the Sunshine Cafe, all over the county. Many of these kettles stay in place throughout the year.

$46,884.41 was raised through the service unit’s letter campaign for private donations.

$35,408.15 was raised through the bell-ringing campaign at local businesses such as grocery stores and other businesses in Pulaski County’s towns.


The Pulaski County Salvation Army Service Unit will have more than $70,000 of the money raised this year for charitable work.
This year the Salvation Army has promised about $10,000 to Genesis House soley for its needs in helping battered women reestablish themselves in the community.
The rest will go toward the benevolence funds administered for vouchers to help those in need with medical bills and those in need.