Tuesday's Pulaski County Sewer District Board of Trustee meeting covered a number of things. These are the highlights from that meeting.

Pulaski County Sewer District #1 held a board meeting Tuesday. In attendance were Gary Porter, Chairman, Carl Jensen, Secretary, Daniel Wagon, Trustee, Larry Helms, Trustee, Nola Wadley, Terris Cates, Integrity, and Zach Shepherd, Operations. Discussion at the meeting included the use of new technology, safety, and appreciation of employees of the district. Here are three things you should know from the meeting:

Tablets will be available to operators

1. Operators will now have tablets that will show the schematics of the sewer system. Normally they would have a huge stack of papers to look through. This can be cumbersome and waste time. There will be 30 files grouped within zones and operators will be able to zoom in and look at nearby areas on their tablets. There will be no need to buy tablets as the sewer district already has them on hand.

Safety a concern

2. Safety was discussed. There was a concern that there shouldn't be any issues and that all safety measures have been put in place. This concern was addressed and it was put out that all safety precautions have been taken and that operators will continue to watch over and improve as needed in this area.

Great Job Employees

3. Both the board, operations, and the head engineer expressed that they have been pleasantly surprised with the way the crew has taken their job seriously. When there is training, everyone is there and eating up all the information they can get. Everyone involved expressed how sometimes there can be issues with getting employees on board but the group they have now are doing an outstanding job.