It's "Thank a Farmer Week" in Pulaski County for good reason. Agriculture has a huge impact on Missouri's economy.

THANK A FARMER: This week has been proclaimed "Thank a Farmer Week" in Pulaski County by the Pulaski County Commission. Farmers have a huge impact on Missouri's economy, according to a recent study from the Missouri Department of Agriculture. The study showed that Missouri's agriculture and related industries have an $88.4 billion economic impact in the state of Missouri. The proclamation was signed at Tuesday's county commission meeting at the request of Pulaski County Farm Bureau President Larry Helms, following the Pulaski County Sheltered Workshop's request for the commission to sponsor them on a grant that would improve their facilities and help them expand their program supporting agribusiness in the local area. The economic contribution of agriculture, forestry, and related businesses in Pulaski County amounts to $44.9 million, 668 jobs, $15.5 million in labor income, and $4.3 million in taxes.

 Pulaski County economic contributions $2.8 Million from agriculture inputs and services $8.5 Million in crops, livestock, forestry, and fisheries production. $1.5 Million in forestry products manufacturing. 357 Seniors were served 2,104 Individual people were served. 1,501 Hours of volunteer service were given by Salvation Army volunteers in Pulaski County. 591 Volunteers from Crocker, Dixon, Richland, St. Robert, and Waynesville were the ones who put 1,501

 Top 3 contributors in Pulaski County Horses $1.7 million in input, $13.7 million value added, $15.4 million in sales, 290 in employment Beef cattle ranching and farming $5.6 million in input, $5.9 million in value added, $11.5 million in sales, 123 in employment. sheep $0.3 million in input, $2.4 million in value added, $2.7 million in sales, 51 in employment.

Missouri economic contributions $88.4 billion economic impact with $33.0 billion in value-added plus $55.4 billion in inputs 378,232 Jobs $17.5 billion in labor income $2.2 billion in state/local taxes $4.0 billion in federal taxes $9.4 Billion was contributed from Crops, Livestock, Forestry, and Fisheries Production $5.0 Billion was contributed by agriculture inputs and services

Of the industries studied, the following are the top three contributors of value-added to the State of Missouri: $2.9 billion Breweries

$2.3 billion Oilseed Farming

$2.3 billion Dog and Cat Food Manufacturing